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 The Amadeus International Culture Committee is a non-profit organisation founded in Salzburg in December 2014, with the goal of fostering the positive exchange of ideas between artists and concretizing them in the form of cultural projects of highest artistic and ethical value. Based in Salzburg and with associates worldwide, our group is committed to the figure of W.A. Mozart and his legacy not only as Salzburg´s Musical Genius, but as a Renaissance Man who united all Humanities in his work, Cosmopolite and Visionary.
    The Händel & Bach 330th Anniversary Concert at the Salzburg Cathedral (23.8.2015) with Kammersängerin Grace Bumbry and Kammersängerin Helene Schneiderman uniting the forces of the Philharmonie Salzburg and the Dommusik Salzburg was our first step. Future endeavors include the Toscanini Project in memory of the legendary Italian Maestro, a key-figure in the history of the Salzburg Festival and relevant link to the opera traditions of Parma, his native town, and Rio de Janeiro, the city of his international debut; and the Leopoldina Group, in honor of the Austrian empress of Brazil and the cultural exchange between the two countries.
   The Amadeus International Culture Committee is not a festival, events and artists´ agency, or academic institution per se: we are a network of creative minds united in the exchange of ideas - as the very name says, a comité. The interactive participation of our members in concrete cultural projects is however the goal and result of this exchange.
Our humanitarian cause includes promoting the appreciation of classical music and opera among young audiences and all people. In the Light of Integration, we are committed to the wellbeing and cultural advance of all people regardless of race, nationality, gender and religious orientation.  

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